chef Gilles' 2020 cook book. Bon appétit!

A message from the Chef:

While working for hundreds of patrons every year, many ask me how this or that food is prepared that makes it taste so different and so unique when I serve them.

Well admittedly, a lot is hit and miss in my own kitchen but once mastered it’s a true pleasure to get the positive critiques that often follows a successful dish presentation.

So I’ve decided that on this page called ‘the Cook book’, you will find some of the simple but outrageously popular recipes that I have served over the course of many years.  

I kept a few secrets that make my presentations Chef Gilles worthy, however, by preparing the recipes below, you, your family and friends will enjoy the flavors of the dish without compromise.  

The dishes are simple, use everyday ingredients and are prepared in the shortest amount of time for everyone’s convenience.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I have and in some cases still enjoy serving my private or personal chef clientèle.  

Please click on the pictures above and below to get the instructions of the full recipes.  Bon appétit. 

Chef Gilles