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The question I am asked most often regarding hiring a Private Chef for an event is
'How much will it cost?': And so it should be!

Here are the usual event details that drive the cost:

  • What type of food do you wish to serve at your event (chicken vs. steak and seafood?)
  • Where the event will take place (to determine travel time which may affect the cost)
  • What is the number of people anticipated or expected to attend your event?
  • What type of service do you require (buffet style vs. a full service sit down meal)?

I completely understand the sensitivity surrounding budgets for an event.  Over the years I have heard many comments including: ‘I just don’t want to seem cheap’.

The fact is that most people know in advance what they can afford to pay or what they wish to pay for their event. 

I have had prospective customers conclude that $20 per plate was expensive for a three course meal.  Here is the hard core comparison in the food industry: you will spend between $15 and $20 a serving at most fast food restaurants in North America, for lunch.

I pride myself at working within established budgets, without making it look cheap and most importantly without compromising the value of the meal or the service to the customer.

I have served events at $20 per plate up to $225 per person.  I will find the right price and service for you.

Be certain you look at the big picture of the overall cost for your event!


What is the date of the event?
Let’s establish the Chef’s availability.  This will save time and help manage the suggested menu time frames. 

Where is the event expected to take place?
This establishes the need for any additional costs related to travel by the culinary team.

What facilities will be available to assure the proper preparation and cooking of the meal?
This establishes if a commercial or residential kitchen is available, or what size of BBQ is available for a backyard BBQ dinner.

What is the demographic of the group attending your event?

How many adults, children, children under 5 years may attend your event?  This will assist when producing the suggested menu and may positively affect the price per person.

What allergies or other special needs must be considered within the menu or the service you expect?
This will also assist at suggesting a menu and may affect the price per person.

What kind of service do you wish to provide for your guests?
This establishes the staff help the Chef will require at the event.  A buffet style service needs less service staff compared to a full sit down meal, in turn affecting the overall cost.

What are your food preferences for the event?
The types of canapés, meats, seafood, side dishes, salads and desserts will determine the food costs, preparation time and service costs for your event to be successful.

I prepare and serve the dishes you prefer and choose
for your private functions, parties or events. 

Let's make the arrangements via  

506-531-CHEF (2433)

or via e-mail:


After the initial contact and the parameters of the event have been determined, expect the following:

  • The availability of the Chef and his staff is confirmed.
  • Chef Gilles then provides his suggested menu based on your preferences.
  • This includes a business proposal detailing the price per plate, service and applicable taxes.
  • The proposal indicates what the service includes: all the necessary food for the meal, preparation times and full service including cleaning and garbage removal.
  • The proposal also includes the arrival time on location to assure the service times are met.

As your private chef, he would be accompanied by a sous-chef and servers to ensure the quality of the service.  Chef Gilles does not disappoint.


PLACE SETTING OPTIONS: usually uses place settings, glass wear and utensils from your home, office, cottage, reception hall or any other functional space.  If this is not possible, arrangements can be made for us to bring what is required.  An additional cost per person would be necessary if this is the case.

PUNCH OPTIONS: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic punches can also be prepared and served from our decanters which keep the products on ice for best results.   The cost is approximately $1 per person.  (The price for the alcohol is extra)

SIGNATURE DRINK OPTIONS: an excellent and very dry martini using Grey Goose vodka (or a choice of your own) served stirred or on the rocks with olive can be prepared for you and your guests.  A cosmopolitan cranberry martini can also be served with sugared grapes, usually for the ladies.  The price of each 2 ounce serving (usually 1.25 ounces) is only $7.80 CAN (additional per person).

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provided in the greater Moncton area for the past 7 years.