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What is the date of the event?
Let’s establish the Chef’s availability.  This will save time and help manage the suggested menu time frames. 

Where is the event expected to take place?
This establishes the need for any additional costs related to travel by the culinary team.

What facilities will be available to assure the proper preparation and cooking of the meal?
This establishes if a commercial or residential kitchen is available, or what size of BBQ is available for a backyard BBQ dinner.

What is the demographic of the group attending your event?

How many adults, children, children under 5 years may attend your event?  This will assist when producing the suggested menu and may positively affect the price per person.

What allergies or other special needs must be considered within the menu or the service you expect?
This will also assist at suggesting a menu and may affect the price per person.

What kind of service do you wish to provide for your guests?
This establishes the staff help the Chef will require at the event.  A buffet style service needs less service staff compared to a full sit down meal, in turn affecting the overall cost.

What are your food preferences for the event?
The types of canapés, meats, seafood, side dishes, salads and desserts will determine the food costs, preparation time and service costs for your event to be successful.

I prepare and serve the dishes you prefer and choose
for your private functions, parties or events. 

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